Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Abandoned Art: Fall Blitz Day October 31st 2012

 SO EXCITING!! The photos are starting to trickle in from around the globe!! This was a wonderful success with art objects being left, some even weathering the aftermath of Sandy, to find their new homes!

Really looking forward to hearing back from some of our Finders as well! :) I will keep you posted as they come in. Here are a few images to get things started...

This piece to the left was left on a hospital bench in Beeville, Tx. courtesy of Robin Venecia!

Deborah Dawn of A Moment to Create abandoned this lovely piece for someone to find on a park bench in her local community!!

Making the news in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia Canada! Courtesy of Alix Sandra Huntley-Speirs of oOaKindred Studios

Madison Meadows abandoned 21 ITEMS in 9 Trees!! And she had a hoot doing it... so much fun!

I can think of a few pounds I would like to Abandon on these scales as well!! Hopefully it will brighten someones day to find it here!!

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