Friday, 21 September 2012

Abandoned Art: Fall Blitz Challenge 2012

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree"
- Emily Jane Brontë-

Welcome to our first annual Abandoned Art: Fall Blitz Challenge 2012!! With Fall already upon us, a Fall/Autumn theme seemed to be very appropriate, utilizing the rich, glorious colors of the autumn spectrum and the concept of the leaves scattered upon the ground, which of course gave us the idea of scattering our own Art [leaves] around the Globe! This is a growing Art movement originated by celebrated Mixed Media Artist, Michael Demeng! []

PROJECT: To create a piece of art that can be abandoned in your local area, preferably, but not necessarily, hanging from a tree, like a leaf about to land in the hands of the “finder’.

Your art piece can be ANY MEDIUM and ANY TECHNIQUE that you might wish to use. It does not need to be a leaf inspired design, but we would ask that it somehow reflects the theme:

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, Fluttering from the autumn tree
 - Emily Jane Brontë -

You do not need to include the words in your art, but we will ask all participants to attach the following card to your work and include the contact details you would wish the finder to use to share news of their find, giving the lucky finder the address of the group or an email address so they can respond if they want to.

We have invited other Art Groups to join us in this Challenge also! So far, those numbers include our own group, Mixed Media Art on Facebook, as well as Art Abandonment and Regalando Arte groups. We encourage each of you to pass along news of this Event to other groups and individuals that you feel might wish to participate. Let’s make this an EVENT, a Blitz even, World-wide!!


PHOTOS: Please take a photo of the piece in its place of “abandonment” and we will also ask the Finder to include a photo of the piece in its new home, or with its new owner. We will ask each group to set up an album for this purpose, but also just sharing on your own page or even here on this blog to spread the word around the world

  • Please ensure that your artwork is well wrapped to survive the outdoor elements of your local area so that it remains intact until it is found. 
  • If you do not wish to give out your private email address…. Feel free to use our Challenge email address that will be checked regularly and all incoming emails and photos will be posted here.
  • We would wish this to be a Global Event and of course its Spring in the Southern Regions of this planet, so please join us using the fresh growth and colours of Spring as your palette! 
  • Follow us on Pinterest: Please tag your images with: @mmaonfb 



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